Russell Okung Converted Half His Salary To Bitcoin Last Year – Here’s How Much He’s Made

The veteran, who’ll turn 33 this year, has created two Pro Bowls and won a Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks at 2013. As it happens, Okung is fairly small business savvy, also.

After registering with the Carolina Panthers last year, Okung created an unorthodox petition. He requested for half of the $13 million wages to be converted to Bitcoin. It is the very first time that a participant was compensated in cryptocurrency.

At the moment, Bitcoin’s dollar equal was worth roughly $27,000.

In the previous 3 weeks, the worth of Bitcoin has continued to grow – and it is proven rewarding for Okung.

In the time of the writing, 1 BTC is worth $57,494. That usually means that the Bitcoin of all Okung’s wages has doubled. He’s now got about $13.8 million value of BTC, and his $6.5 million cash from the remainder of his wages.

Thus, Okung’s $13 million price has already become approximately $20.3 million. Actually, Bitcoin’s dollar worth hit $61,000 before in the month, meaning Okung’s BTC investment has been worth $14.64 million.

Obviously, Okung has not really made any of the money however. Along with also the volatility of Bitcoin makes it a speculative investment. But, it does not look like it is slowing down anytime soon, that opens an intriguing wrinkle for prospective player contracts.

Following ten years at the league, Okung has made millions of dollars. He is able to have a investment threat similar to this. However, will younger gamers make similar motions, converting some or all their wages to Bitcoin (or alternative cryptocurrencies)?

Okung’s strategy appears to be the most suitable one. Placing 100 percent of your wages into another money can be ill-advised, however half of it? That just might earn you a massive pay increase.