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Can You Make $2200 Daily with Immediate Edge App?

Immediate Edge scam makes a promise that you will earn between $950 and $2200 each day while using their automated software. This is a lie and can easily be disproven just by speaking with the people that have emailed us in the last month. Nobody, not a single person, has made any profits at all with this scam.

Even worse, many of our readers have had their money held hostage by their broker. When they see that the Immediate Edge scam is losing their money, they try to take a withdrawal of their remaining funds. The broker refuses to release their money and instead demands that they place a minimum number of trades before their withdrawal can be processed. This is illegal yet quite normal for unregulated brokers to do.

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Once you deposit with any broker that accepts Immediate Edge, you’ll never see your money again due to their strict rules on withdrawing. If you attempt to meet their minimum number of trades, you’ll end up losing your money and therefore have nothing left to withdraw. We like to call these brokers the black holes of trading. They will suck all your money out. It is even quite possible for them to then sell your financial information to any of their scammer friends as part of an identity theft group.

  • The first step is to register. At the top of the page of Immediate Edge website, you will see the registration form that will require your full name, email address, and phone number, including your country code. Later on, you need to create your password for you to log in then. Afterward, you are now officially created your account.
  • For the second step, deposit an amount to your account.Just after you created an account, you will be connected to the robot broker to make a deposit. The minimum amount of investment to start is $250. Just enter your payment details, and you can use any of the options given. You can use your credit card or debit card, Skrill or Klarna. There is also an option for bank transfer. Other currencies aside from USD are also available such as British Pound, Swiss Franc, and Euro. After funding your account, you can start trading.
  • The third step is the demo trading.Demo trading is not always available. Its availability depends on the broker that will be connected to you after you sign up. Thus, this step is only an option available for some and not for others.
  • The fourth step and the last is to start your live trading.Even though Immediate Edge is an automatic trading bot, you still have to look for your trading setting to make sure that what’s on it is your preference. Some things that you have to take note of are the stop loss, investment amount, amount of daily trades to the maximum, and others. When you are satisfied with your trading setting, that’s the time that you may now switch the auto trading button and trade live. Always monitor your losses or your profits.

Trading Dashboard

The trading dashboard has been well designed and from here you can view your trading history and your open trades. You can also view the choice of assets you can trade as well as update the trading settings, which includes the investment amount per trade, the trade stop loss, the maximum number of concurrent trades, the daily stop loss, the daily take profit and the maximum number of daily trades you wish the bot to make. Since the Immediate Edge bot works automatically, it is vital to set up your trading parameters and it will then trade within these parameters. If you require any assistance, the Immediate Edge bot team is always available and there is a Chat button available on the site.

Deposit Funds

Once you are ready to start making money, simply click on the deposit button and you can then deposit funds so you have trading capital available to trade. The minimum deposit requirement is only $250 and it is important to remember that this money is yours, which you use to make trades. We liked the fact that the deposit options were safe and secure and the deposit process is seamless. Also, we noticed that Immediate Edge Bot has partnered with reliable and professional brokers who provide access to the trading platform. These brokers also provide an all-inclusive trading environment which includes access to secure banking options, a wealth of educational resources, as well as professional customer support.

So, you are now probably wondering if we made any money on the first day? Well, the good news is that within 24 hours, we had a profit of $897 in our account. It was really impressive since we really didn’t have to do much in order to make that money. The Immediate Edge Bot is truly automated.


Is There An Immediate Edge Bot Scam?

We have reviewed many trading software over the years and we have really finetuned our ability to detect a scam or not. From our own experience of the site, the fact is, we did make money after we had signed up and made a deposit. We also did an extensive search online and found many testimonials from many satisfied users of the Immediate Edge Bot. In fact, you can check the Immediate Edge Bot site itself and access the testimonials of some of their clients there.

Immediate Edge Bot is not a scam. Instead, it is an effective, automated trading bot that scans the cryptocurrency exchanges looking for lucrative trading opportunities. We liked the fact that using this bot required no prior experience or understanding of the markets. We were also impressed that we only needed to make a minimum deposit of only $250 in order to get started and the best part was that when we requested a withdrawal, we got our money back quickly and hassle-free.

Immediate Edge Bot checks all the right boxes when it comes to an advanced, effective, automated trading solution for trading cryptocurrencies profitably.


Immediate Edge Review

You were most likely contacted via email by a team of marketing salesmen who send out mass emails claiming that “you won’t believe how much you can earn in just 24 hours!” or something like that. In reality, these emails are being sent to former users of other scams or from the contact information that you signed up with on a financial website. This is called spam for a reason, it’s all trash!

Immediate Edge is a software that trades cryptocurrency automatically on your personal brokerage account. Once you sign up on the Immediate Edge scam website you’ll be linked to a broker based on your personal details and location. The brokers that work directly with Immediate Edge App scam are unregulated and therefore unsafe to use.

Immediate Edge Review, Summary, and Much Foreseen Conclusions – BLACKLISTED Crypto App!

The  Immediate Edge SCAM App is a BLACKLISTED crypto scam with all the trimmings. They say that strange creatures lurk in the night, well this creature bites hard and once the scammers behind the fraudulent  Immediate Edge app sink their teeth into your wallet and get their pound of flesh it will be too later so you might as well kiss your money goodbye right now! Should you have any questions or require additional clarifications please message us through our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Read our full and investigative Immediate Edge Review before you become one of their next victims! This new scam has been operating for over two months now and has been stealing quite successfully! If you have already lost your money, make sure to contact our website and let us know what happened to you.

We have successfully helped many of our readers reclaim their lost money from scam sites if their bank is willing to work with them. Contact us for help or advice! In the meantime, please share this post on social media and with anyone you know who is trying to convince you to sign up. The only way to stop trading scams is by exposing them and bringing their lies to the front line!

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