BitQT Review

Trading cryptocurrencies have been profitable for traders around the globe. Experienced traders prefer manual trading as they have more confidence and experience so they can spot the trading opportunities without any assistance. But there is something else out there that helps traders catching trades easier and more efficiently – trading bots.

Trading bots or differently known as the automated trading software, basically work on their own. They do everything a trader could do manually and more, but way faster, thus saving one’s time. Throughout the not too long history of cryptocurrencies, many trading bots have emerged. But some of them have turned out to be scams ripping people off.

We tested the BitQT trading app, and we will elaborate more on what we found out about it below.

Is Bitqt a Scam?

Based on our research Bitqt is not a scam. Bitqt has won few design and software awards and is fully deserved. Based on the online reviews Bitqt is absolutely legit and trustworthy, and is recommended by The Silicon Review as the best trading software in 2020.

What is BitQT?

BitQT is a trading bot that uses the latest automated trading technology. With more than 80,357 active users in 120 countries around the globe, BitQT is one of the most prestigious trading apps out there. The algorithms that BitQT uses will help you find the best trades without needing skills or knowledge. Basically, the BitQT app does the job on its own.

While we were on the website, we went to the about us page. We did notice that there wasn’t much info about the creators of the site and algorithm. Still, there was a story there, which we found to be appealing and truthful.

Regardless of who created BitQT App, the fact remains that it is an auto-trading system for cryptocurrency and is quite new. The algorithm keeps track of historical data and uses it to provide you with appropriate signals as to when you should open trades. You find out what’s going on in the market about a second faster than others. It’s not a big time difference, but it means you know something sooner than everyone else. If you set it to trade automatically, there is no hesitation, and you have a good chance of winning.

Member testimonials often mention that the platform is easy to use and effective. Plus, many of them say they didn’t have any experience trading and still earned tidy profits. Though we can’t verify each member or their testimonials, we feel that this indicates the software is legitimate.

Start Trading With BitQT App For Free

Key Benefits of BitQT

If you have been thinking to start trading cryptocurrencies but never really got into it, you should definitely give BitQT a try. Here are some of the benefits that the app has:

  • Use it on the go – You can use the app anywhere you are since it can be used on the smartphone also. You can check the charts and everything necessary all on your smartphone screen.
  • Instant withdrawal – You can withdraw your money anytime you want instantly, without any fees or hidden charges.
  • Demo account – BitQT has a demo account, so novice traders can use it until they get comfortable with the app, without risking anything.
  • $1,267 potential payout – Once you set everything up and you are ready to go there is a potential to make more than $1000 a day trading with BitQT.
  • Accurate predictions – BitQT makes accurate cryptocurrency price predictions based upon which it makes the trade placing decisions.
  • Free Coaching – BitQT supports the users of the platform not only through their customer service department but also it helps them on their trading journey with advice from experts. Anything you can be concerned about, you can just ask, and they will figure it out for you.
  • High Security – BitQT is entirely secure since it uses the most sophisticated web-trader platform.

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First step is to get yourself registered. This is a super easy and quick process. Not much information is required here. This is far better than other trading options that require much more unimportant information.


There is a feature called demo trading. This is another proof of transparency of this robot. Having a demo trade option allows you to check the mechanism of this trading robot and understand its system.


Live trade process is super easy. All you need to do is click/tap the button. This button tap activates the robot. Robot then starts trading. Actually, the crypto market is scanned by robots within seconds. They thus find the best trends for trading. After detecting one, the system initiates its working and gets the deals closed for you. When trading initiates, it is important to have funds within your account. Without funds in the account deals cannot be closed. There is hence a minimum requirement of $250 deposit when account is created. This money is used for trade purposes. Profits earned make an addition to the money deposited.


Money must be present in account before starting trade. Sending money in the account was again a very easy task. Various payment choices further facilitate the process of deposit to account. These options include Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, Skrill etc.




The Payment system of the platform was thoroughly studied by our team. It is highly transparent as well accurate in its dealings. Payout is calculated by the system and investors get their money after a live trading session.

Verification system

Personal details are required for account verification. This important step confirms and checks information about the account owner.

Withdrawal system

One important feature is its easy withdrawal facility. Only 24 hours are required for completing transactions after live trading is done. Also, there are no hidden charges involved.

Service charges

When a live trade is completed, a smaller percentage of the profit is removed by BitQT. This amount is used for account maintenance purposes.

Customer support

Support system works for 24/7. Faster help is available when needed. Our team was really impressed with this feature of BitQT.


It is a happy to know thing that higher funds are not required for starting trade. Low deposits of $250 handle the task. The money multiplies with increased trades.

Withdrawing money

After completion of each live trade, make withdrawals. Reinvesting also saves profits.

Follow trends

Market information is easily available. This information must be updated. Not major research is required but at least know the happenings.

Take risk

Invest the safe limit of your funds which you can afford losing. Take risk because higher risk comes with higher profits.

Mobile App available?

Currently there is no such app available.


The Final Word

This Bitqt is a genuine site. At the conclusion of this journey, we confirm that it’s robot has outstanding on-line feedback with most reviewers stating that it really works consistently. Our team performed a Bitqt platform’s demo trade test and found it quite simple to use. Furthermore, this operator has military-grade data security mechanisms and complies with the GDPR of the EU General Data Protection Safeguards.

With an investment of $250, you should go ahead and also try this platform. A recommendation for you is to invest with proper caution. Don’t invest extra unless you’re happy with the way the platform will function.