Owner of Bitcoin Exchange Sentenced to Prison for Money Laundering

A British national who had been detained by a federal jury for his character at an multinational and multimillion-dollar strategy to the American victims had been sentenced today to 121 months .

Acting Assistant Attorney General David P. Burns off of this Justice Department’s Criminal Division, U.S. Attorney Robert M. Duncan Jr. of the Eastern District of Kentucky, along with Resident Agent in Charge John Oldham of this U.S. Secret Service created the statement.

According to trial evidence, Iossifov possessed and handled RG Coins, a crypto currency market located in Sofia, Bulgaria. In accordance with evidence , Iossifov knowingly and intentionally participated in business methods designed to assist fraudsters from laundering the profits of these fraud and also to shield himself against criminal accountability. At five of Iossifov’s chief customers in Bulgaria were Spartan natives, that belonged to some legal venture called court records because the Alexandria (Romania) Online Auction Fraud (AOAF) Network.

More specifically, in accordance with documents and evidence presented in trial, Iossifov along with his coconspirators engaged in a criminal conspiracy which participated in a largescale scheme of internet auction fraud which victimized at 900 Americans. Romania-based associates of this conspiracy submitted false adverts to favorite internet auction and earnings internet sites – such as craigslist and eBay – to get high-cost goods (an average of vehicles) which failed to really exist. Once sufferers were convinced to ship repayment, the authorities participated in an intricate money laundering strategy wherein national partners would accept prey capital, convert those funds to crypto currency, and move profits in the shape of crypto currency into foreign-based money-launderers. Iossifov was clearly one particular foreign-based money launderer who eased this last measure from the strategy.

In accordance with evidence , Iossifov designed his firm to appeal to offender ventures , for example, providing more positive exchange rates to associates of their AOAF Network. Iossifov also enabled his offender customers to run crypto currency trades for cash without needing any identification or instruction to demonstrate the way to obtain capital, despite his temptations to the unlike the significant bitcoin trades that encouraged his business enterprise. Evidence filed throughout trial along with also his sentencing hearing showed that Iossifov totaled almost $5 million in crypto currency for four of those five scammers at a period of time of over just three decades. This represented $7 million in capital defrauded from American sufferers. Inturn, Iossifov earned over $184,000 in profits from such trades.

Iossifov was detained following having a trial at front of Judge Weir at Frankfort, Kentucky at September 2020.

Under national law, Iossifov has to serve 85 per cent of the prison sentence.

Up to now, 17 members of this AOAF Network are convicted for their part in this strategy, for example Iossifov. Seven others are sentenced, for example Livui-Sorin Nedelcu to 82 weeks in prison, Marius Dorin Cernat to 50 weeks in prison, Stefan Alexandru Paiusi to 31 weeks in prison, Eugen Alin Badea for 40 weeks in prison, Florin Arvat into 30 weeks in prison, Alin Ionut Dobric into 37 weeks in prison, along with Austin Edward Nedved to 96 weeks . Three associates are fugitives.

Assistance was provided by the Romanian National Police (Service for Combating Cyber Crime ), the Equal Directorate for Indices Organized Crime and Terrorism (Agency for Prosecuting Organized Crime), and also the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of Cassation at the Republic of Bulgaria.

Individuals thinking they are victims of their complex commission and internet auction fraud or even bruteforce attack strategies described herein are invited to go to another web site to gain extra information: https://justice.gov/usao-edky/information-victims-large-cases.