Colombia Registers First Real Estate Purchase With Bitcoin

After registering its first bitcoin purchase, the Colombian real estate industry has achieved a significant milestone in cryptocurrency usage. , an online real-estate company, mediated this purchase after receiving a reserve payment of 0.03 BTC one month ago. A buyer was not present in Colombia at the time of the purchase, so Lightning Network was used through Opennode as a payment processor.

This purchase is approximately one month after the company stated that it would accept Bitcoin for reservations and payments for all the apartments in Natura City. A development in Santa Marta has 160 units available for sale.

Crypto for Real Estate Payments

La Haus executives stated that they are working hard to increase and use these payments in order to develop all over the country. Jehudi Castro (Vice President of Future and Innovation at La Haus) stated that this is the case:

This type of transaction took only one month in Colombia. It is a sign of the unmet need. This type of alternative is being offered to the rest the country.

La Haus has made a number of cryptocurrency-based purchases before. La Haus, which has Mexican operations, made its first cryptocurrency purchase in January. A Peruvian woman purchased a property in Mexico.

In Latam countries such as Venezuela, cryptocurrency transactions in the real-estate sector are becoming more frequent. There are cars and properties being sold for USDT. One of these transactions took place last year in a coastal country. A buyer used USDT to purchase an apartment worth $12,000.